Vanessa Hudgens has four roles in the sequel to Netflix’s The Princess Switch

A sequel to Netflix’s popular Christmas film The Princess Switch has been announced, with Vanessa Hudgens apparently returning to play not two, but three roles in the movie, along with a producer credit.

In the original film, Hudgens stars as Stacy, a baker from Chicago who travels to the fictional, English-speaking country of Belgravia for a competition. There, she meets Margaret, Duchess of Montenaro (also played by Hudgens), who happens to be her exact lookalike. They switch places and find themselves falling in love with the men in each other’s lives. 

According to Netflix, the sequel will spell trouble for Duchess Margaret and Kevin, Stacy’s friend. 

“In the sequel, Duchess Margaret unexpectedly inherits the throne and hits a rough patch with Kevin so it’s up to Stacy to save the day before a new lookalike – party girl Fiona – foils their plans,” a tweet from Netflix’s What’s Next? Twitter account said. 

Along with her three starring roles in the film, Hudgens has apparently signed on to produce, as well. 

The Princess Switch: Switched Again is the latest Christmas film Hudgens has signed on for. She will also star in The Knight Before Christmas, about a “kind science teacher who has been disillusioned by love”, until she meets a cursed medieval knight who she must help return to his own time. 

The Knight Before Christmas is released on Netflix on 21 November. There is currently no release date for The Princess Switch: Switched Again. 

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