Stranger Things season 4 trailer released

Stranger Things season four has a trailer.

Netflix released the surprise teaser as a Valentine’s Day treat for fans of the show – and it seems to answer one of the previous season’s mysteries.

The clip shows a group of people working at what looks like the Russian facility seen in the season three post-credit scenes.

At the very end of the teaser, we see the identity of one of the people: Hopper, played by David Harbour, who it’s suddenly safe to assume is the mysterious “American” referenced in the credits scene.

The group are being made to shovel snow from a train track – but how this relates to the new season’s wider plot remains unclear.

This revelation comes days after it was reported that IMDb had dropped the actor’s name from the season four cast list sparking fears that the character had indeed perished in the finale.

Of course, show creators the Duffer brothers’ decision to confirm that Hopper is alive could be misdirection; “the American” could be another character entirely – maybe a season one villain, who’s being tipped to return?

Sadly, the brief trailer comes with no release date announcement, but the clip suggests that season four could be returning sooner than 2021.

Find all the season four details we know so far here.

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