'Focus Group' Sketch | I Think You Should Leave w/ Tim Robinson | Netfli

We don’t make the rules: Paul HAS to marry his mother-in-law! ‘I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson’ is now streaming. Watch ‘I Think You Should …


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  1. An over-the-top, stereotypical Indian man dogging what is clearly a male Feminist? This isn't woke. This isn't woke at all! Netflix, what are you doing?! If you don't get woke, you won't go broke! What is wrong with you?!?

  2. Thought it was Larry David hitting a fat dab in the thumbnail. Curb Your Litness, Larry.
    Also, you are missing an "x" at the end of "Netflix" in the title of the video. You can edit the title to fix it.

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